The spine-align can detect abnormal motion in your spine and assess whether that joint is too rigid or too fluid.  It assesses which joints are “stuck” and need to be adjusted.  Within the spine-align instrument, there is a piezoelectric sensor which registers information faster than your body is able to react, before your muscle even have a chance to react.  This means a precise and accurate reading of the degree of rigidity and fluidity of each vertebrae is recorded in real-time.  More Info >


Shockwave Therapy (SWT) or radial Shockwave Therapy is the propagation of acoustic waves to functionally stimulate increased blood flow and increase metabolic activity in a cell.  Thousands of medical research studies have shown shockwave therapy to be between 80-90% effective at treating stubborn chronic conditions such as those listed below.  More Info >


The BioFlex laser is the most advanced laser system available. The body uses the energy produced by low intensity light emissions to help repair damaged cells and to return them to normal function. The therapeutic light helps heal your condition at its root rather than just controlling the symptoms. Laser therapy can help treat musculoskeletal problems, the arthritides, sports injuries and dermatological conditions.  More Info >


The insight millenium is an electronic neurological testing station and gives us a better understanding of the function of your nervous system.  There are 2 parts to the test: analysis of the motor nerves and the autonomic nervous system.  Surface electromyography (SEMG), part of the motor nerve analysis, was originally designed to measure changes in spinal muscle activity in astronauts.  More Info >