What is the Insight Millenium Spinal Scanner?

The Insight Millenium is an electronic neurological testing station and gives us a better understanding of the function of your nervous system.  There are 2 parts to the test: analysis of the motor nerves and the autonomic nervous system.  Surface electromyography (SEMG), part of the motor nerve analysis, was originally designed to measure changes in spinal muscle activity in astronauts.

The spinal scanner measure the function of your central nervous system which controls everything in your body.  The central nervous system consists of 3 different nerve pathways (motor nerves, autonomic nerves and sensory nerves).  When you are out of alignment (subluxation), any of these 3 nerve pathways can be disturbed and in turn affect how you are feeling.

The Motor Nerves

Motor nerves control your movement and posture and when disturbed can lead to abnormal tensions, weakness and fatigue.  Subluxations in your spine cause irritation to nearby motor nerves and affect the amount of electrical current to your muscles.  The Spinal Electromyogram (SEMG) detects patterns where the muscles are working too hard to support the spine and the ones that are weak and not supporting the spine.

The Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system controls your blood vessels, organs and glands (hormones).  Our normal body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C) and therefore the temperature on each side of our spine should also be the same.  This scan is performed with an infrared scanner that runs up along your spine and detects areas of abnormal temperature through your blood vessels. Your blood vessels are the body’s thermostat.  When the blood vessels open up, they release heat and when they close up they retain heat controlling our body’s temperature.  When there are subluxations in our spine this disturbed our blood vessels and causes our body’s thermostat to not function properly.

The Sensory Nerves

Sensory nerves controls your ability to sense and perceive pain.  Sensory nerves only make up 10% of all your nerves in your central nervous system.  Keep in mind that even though pain is a good indicator that something is wrong, a lack of pain may not mean that we are totally healthy.

This technology can now help monitor progression in your treatment plan and make it a little easier for you to understand the health of your spine.

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