The Functional Movement Screen is designed for anyone looking to improve performance in movement and stability to lessen their risk of injury. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a biomechanical screening tool used to evaluate seven fundamental patterns in mobility and stability. FMS helps therapists identify movement limitations and asymmetries that may increase your risk of injury. FMS is for individuals with no current acute pain or musculoskeletal injury. FMS is not intended to diagnose but rather to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals. Following the screen, an individual score identifies the person’s risk of injury, and an individualized exercise program is recommended to improve movement patterns. The screen also identifies green lights on movement areas that can take on more complex exercises or demanding activities.

Who benefits from this?

Anyone looking to be pro-active in improving movement and stability to lessen their risk of injury. This could be someone who wants to be active with their grandchildren, parents trying to play sports with their kids, active individuals looking to improve their performance in their activity, pre-season screen for athletes (adults and children aged 10+).

What to expect?

During your Initial Assessment, you will see chiropractor Dr. Monique Aucoin for a full spinal assessment to determine a baseline of your chiropractic health. You will have the option of creating a chiropractic schedule of care with Dr. Aucoin and Clare for FMS, or only seeing Clare for FMS. However, you are now Dr. Aucoin’s chiropractic patient and can see her in the future at any time.
** Please Note: If you are a current chiropractic patient at Maritime Chiropractic and Wellness, you can start with Clare Bagnell without an FMS Initial Assessment. However, if it has been 6+ months since you have seen a chiropractor at our clinic, you must book a chiropractic re-assessment before completing the Functional Movement Screen.**

Following your assessment, you will see the Kinesiologist, Clare Bagnell, for the Functional Movement Screen. The screen takes 15-30 minutes, completing 7 movements, and 4 clearing tests, with additional testing if required. When finished, you will be given an individual score which identifies your risk of injury. Clare will design an exercise program to improve your movement patterns, and create a follow-up plan based on your athletic performance goals.  Clare works within the health care team at maritime Chiropractic and Wellness and will refer when necessary to chiropractic, massage or physiotherapy for integrative care and assessment.

How many visits do I need?

FMS treatment plans are very individual and your choice. Typically, 3-10 sessions is the average number of sessions required to see results in your performance, and also is determined based on your goals and starting point. Regular FMS visits are beneficial to keep you on track by re-screening and detecting any risk of injury that may be limiting your performance without presenting any symptoms. As well, the screen will identify any green lights to take on more complex exercises and demanding activities.